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 Event #1 : Hide and Seek

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Event #1 : Hide and Seek Empty
PostSubject: Event #1 : Hide and Seek   Event #1 : Hide and Seek EmptyTue Sep 06, 2011 1:52 pm

We will be having our first guild event this Thursday, September 8th, on channel 4! There will be four prizes. I will be holding two, and Liberate will be holding two.

The game is hide-and-seek, and there will be four rounds. We will hide somewhere on four different maps of our choosing, and you members will have to find us! The first person to find us and START A TRADE wins.

You can only win once, and the prize you win is randomly selected among the prizes that remain. These rules will be gone over again in-game the day of for those that don't read this.

Again, the event will be:

-This Thursday, September 8th
-Channel 4
-Four different winners
-1PM EST (This may change. Could be from 12PM EST-2PM EST)

Event #1 : Hide and Seek 15oi2kk
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Event #1 : Hide and Seek
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