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 Event #3: Secret Santa? Owo

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Event #3: Secret Santa? Owo Empty
PostSubject: Event #3: Secret Santa? Owo   Event #3: Secret Santa? Owo EmptyWed Nov 30, 2011 8:11 pm

Hey there, guys. o:

I'm thinking that for our Christmas event, we'll do something a little different.

I'm going to collect the names of everyone participating in said event, and then I will randomly assign a person to each of you. To this person, you will deliver a gift of your choice on Christmas Day. This will be secret. You are not to tell anyone who you got, and the present must be given on the 25th of December. (No earlier, no later! That would spoil the fun!)


-The event will go from November 30th - December 25th. You have this long to decide what to get for your partner, and to get it. Again, do not tell anyone what it is and do not deliver it until the 25th!
-The gifts you give your partner do NOT have to be big! It can be anything. No one expects you to go out and buy every prime item and its half-brother.

-Please, to keep the spirit and fun of the event, don't tell anyone who you got.
-Your partner will be decided at random.

-To participate, you must notify any of the following: Likaria, Liberate, or any of the sub-vices (Darwich11, karentina, OrangeZest, fighter23, RahuValefor, and Solru), in-game. If your name isn't on the list below, you can't participate. D:!
-Once your secret person has been decided, you will be mailed in-game the name of the person you got.

-You aren't limited to just your secret person, but I'd rather not just say "Go buy things for everyone. D:" because that would be ridiculous. : |

If you have any further questions, or maybe a suggestion on what to get [insert person's name here], feel free to ask me in-game!



Event #3: Secret Santa? Owo 15oi2kk
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Event #3: Secret Santa? Owo
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