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 The Meaning of Fuerim?

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The Meaning of Fuerim? Empty
PostSubject: The Meaning of Fuerim?   The Meaning of Fuerim? EmptyThu Sep 01, 2011 1:59 pm

I've been asked about the meaning of Fuerim, and where it came from, by many people.

I used to be a GM of an old Ragnarok server, and the name of my guild eventually became 'Fuerim.' A few guildies and I sat down, since we didn't like our old name, and wanted to create a new one. First, we decided that we needed an 'element' for our guild, to make it more interesting. Half of us voted shadow/darkness, and the other half voted fire. So, I said, "Why not combine them and create a name that suits it?"

The name that came up that we could all agree upon was Fuerim, and we dubbed it to mean: "The Balance of Shadow and Fire."

So there you have it! That is the meaning of Fuerim.

What about the odd guild titles, you ask? That's something of a story we created a while ago, as well (the three original ranks were Cinder, Pyre Light and Shadow Pyre, but the others have been updated at the bottom).


Imagine something with me. Imagine a dark and vast open-ceiling stone chamber beneath the stars, shrouded in a thick, shadowy mist. In the center of the chamber is a small altar with a carved stone bowl that holds a tiny, living flame. This flame pulsates with a pure magic, repelling the shadow around it. However, it is not strong enough to clear the room.

Sitting next to the flame is a ghostly figure whose features lie hidden beneath the cloak that shrouds his entire body. Positioned around the walls of this room are countless black-stone pyres: These pyres are vastly large, stacked with wood waiting to be burned. The enclosing shadow swirling about the room is suffocating, and the night grows cold. The pyres must be lit.

The cloaked figure stands, using his magic to raise the living flame into his cupped hands. He then raises his arms over his head, and with their energies combined, the flame pulsates and explodes, flying in several different directions, lighting each and every pyre about the room.

The bright flames lick at the sky as the sun begins to rise. The shadow is thinner now, and it hangs low to the floor around the base of the pyres in wait, though the everlasting flames will never dim.


The leader is the Cinder in the center: a tiny ember, if you will. I am the smallest, least significant part of the guild. I am merely the tiny flame that starts it all, the one who helps bring everyone together. However, I cannot even begin to manage alone.

The vice-leader is the
Pyre Light, the name created for the cloaked figure. Together, we spread the flames that light the pyres: We keep the guild going, managing and helping wherever and whenever we can.

And you, the most important part of the guild: the
Shadow Pyre/Shadow Myst/Pyre Thorn/Pyre Aodhfin. You are the true significance of the guild. With your sheer numbers and burning flames, you keep the balance between shadow and fire. Without you, there would be nothing.

I hope that answers everyone's questions, in a cheesy sort of fashion. If you have anymore questions or comments, post them below!
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The Meaning of Fuerim?
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