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PostSubject: Introduction.   Introduction. EmptySat Dec 15, 2012 5:33 am

So, I've been a part of Fuerim for a while (As in a couple of weeks). My IGN is ll_LightSnow_ll. You can call me Light, Snow, or Nexus/Nex. I may be starting YouTube soon and post a few videos of EE. I'm slightly inactive, but school just finished for me, so I'll try to hop on more. My alternate name/my desired alias is NexusPyro. That's what I want to be known by from now on.
Alright, so I joined EE on... I'm not sure when, but about a year and a half ago, maybe..? It was a few months before the server merge. I'm an RPG fan-boy, and ll_LightSnow_ll came from me thinking about Final Fantasy XIII. I very rarely play Forsaken World, and Wonderland Online. EE was my first ever proper MMORPG that I stuck with. What else, uhm... I think all the Guildies are cool. c: I can be a bit cold to everybody sometimes, but that's usually because I'm down because of something. I try to be nice, though. I'm more of an Xbox gamer than a PC, mainly because the specs on my laptop suck. So, that's pretty much it. Definitely a very unorganized introduction but eh. xD If you wanna know more about me then just talk to me on EE if you see me, if not then just send me a PM or mail me on EE.
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