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 Guild Town Statues (Winners chosen! Thank you~)

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PostSubject: Guild Town Statues (Winners chosen! Thank you~)   Fri Apr 27, 2012 5:34 pm

Hey guys. This has been requested quite a bit, so here we go!

We're going to put up two player statues in the guild town, and you guys get to choose whose they are. Before we get a poll set up, we need to know who our candidates are, right? PM me your ideas!

Here are some guidelines:

-To submit your candidate ideas, send Likaria a piece of mail in-game. ^^
-You can have a maximum of 3 candidates.
-Yes, you CAN suggest yourself.
-All three candidates must be different...lol.
-The candidates can be ANYONE in the guild. Any rank, any level, any race.
-This will run until I believe we have enough candidates to start a poll for the first and second statue.

Once we have enough, the poll for the first and second statues will be separate. <:
Your votes will also remain confidential.

More to come once we get to the next phase! If you have any questions/comments, either PM me in-game or post it here. Thank you! <3

Update (4/28) :

This event is meant to be something fun; getting a player statue doesn't mean you're better than everyone else. If I find that people are getting offended/upset/angry over the concept of this event, I'm closing it.

Thank you.

Update (4/30) :

The poll for the first statue has been put up, with all of the names suggested to me. You can vote for more than one person, and UP TO THREE. Please don't vote for more than that. You don't have to vote for three if you don't want to. Just one is fine.

Again, heed the update above. The poll will be closed in a few days.

Update (5/5/12) :
I've changed it so you can only vote for one candidate now, to break the tie. Happy voting~
Poll closes TONIGHT.

Update (5/5/12) :
The first winner was Likaria. Thank you for voting. The poll for the second statue is now up, and will remain active for a few days. I have once again made it so that you may vote for UP TO THREE candidates. Please do not vote for more than that.

Again, thank you, and happy voting!

Update (5/13/12) :
The winner of the poll was ZuhuraLeion! Thank you for voting, and congrats to our winners.

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PostSubject: Re: Guild Town Statues (Winners chosen! Thank you~)   Mon May 14, 2012 10:53 am

Thanks to everyone who voted for me.... Sleep ha ha ... anywways! Keep up the great work everyone... You all ROck... Get it Rock? Statue?? ha ha ha ... <3
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Town Statues (Winners chosen! Thank you~)   Tue May 15, 2012 3:17 am

Congrats Zuhura <3
Your statue looks Awesome Surprised
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Town Statues (Winners chosen! Thank you~)   

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Guild Town Statues (Winners chosen! Thank you~)
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